The Sounds New Chapter periodically hosts new music retreats, mainly at outdoor parks (generally in large lodges/shelters at State Parks). These retreats are great sociable events that feature live performances of new music. Generally, these retreats are a 'bring-your-own-performer' event.


Composer Retreat March 19, 2022
Cloudland State Park
all day

The Sounds New Chapter of NACUSA is pleased to announce a call for programming for a composition retreat at Cloudland State Park in Rising Fawn, Georgia. All recitals begin at 1 pm and each recital will last approximately 45 - 50 minutes. During breaks, we will reset the stage, soundcheck, and have light reception. Anyone is eligible to submit, however, membership in NACUSA for the year 2022 is required to participate. This is a first-come, first-served call.

Deadline: 2/19/22 or until filled
Programming: Live performance, Live Performance with Pre-Recorded or Live Electronics, 8 Channel Acousmatic Composition (Stereophonic Acousmatic Composition will not be programmed on this event).
Maximum Length of Performance: 15 minutes
Maximum Quantity of Submissions: 1

All needs (performers, instruments, microphones, microphone equipment, music stands, etc.) are the responsibility of the presenter. However, some equipment can be coordinated if coordinated in advance.

About the performance space: The shelter is a large rectangular building made of wood with short glass paneling on all walls, smooth floor, and vaulted ceilings (expect a very live room). The space can seat about 125 after performance spaces are set.

About the park/transportation: Cloudland State Park is located on the Georgia side of the GA-TN-AL border in the Lookout Mountain Range. The area is rich in American history, filled with nature, waterfalls, and scenic vistas. The closest airport is in Chattanooga (about 30 miles); shuttles or public transportation are non-existent for this secluded location (you will need a rental car or a friend if flying in). There are also 4 other major airports that are within a 2 hour drive: Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, or Knoxville. If needing lodging, Chattanooga is the nearest metropolitan area, but the State Park at Cloudland does offer some full service cabins.