Welcome to the
52in22 Initiative

David Peoples presenting a recital in Dahlonega Georgia.

52in22 means 52 concerts in 2022 (once a week). Our concerts are chamber music recitals featuring electronics and live performances in non-traditional spaces, especially outdoors.

Did you know that the Pleasure Gardens of 17th-century Europe featured new music and concerts outdoors? These gardens featured walks in the parks, social interaction, and the concert experience in outdoor spaces. We want to bring back the same experience - while getting to know the country's beauty - through electronic/electro-acoustic chamber music recitals.

Recitals are open to the public and advertised by the local parks and on social media. Participants enjoy recitals featuring Sounds New Composers and experience the concert as guided by new music curators. Most of our programming can be experienced on WNMA radio.

We have noted short journal entries after each concert; below you can read the journal from curator David Peoples.