NACUSA - Sounds New - what is that?

NACUSA is the National Association of Composers USA. "NACUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by Henry Hadley in 1933, it is one of the oldest organizations devoted to the promotion and performance of American concert hall music. Many of America's most distinguished composers have been among its members."

Sounds New is an affiliate of NACUSA. We (like other chapters of NACUSA) present recitals; however, our recitals are not limited to a geographic region within the United States and its territories.

Why do I need to join/who can join NACUSA/Sounds New?

Anyone can join NACUSA - all ages/individuals can be an active (dues-paying member). Our core members identify as music composers, but we welcome performers, new music enthusiasts, researchers, educators, etc.

All programming (for all recital events or broadcasting on radio) is part of membership; we require membership to participate.

I heard you put on a lot of concerts?

Yeah, we usually do 50+ events per year. David Peoples is a little zealous in his outreach and presenting electronics recitals... and we do offer (1) opportunities to present at other events throughout the year or (2) allow presenters to present their own recitals (well - with our composer's music featured).

So, I'd get my compositions on 50+ concerts?

Not quite... but, you could be programmed on several of those events. Programming for recitals is up to the presenter of that recital. Still, we assure that there is a core touring schedule that is fair and inclusive to all active composers that have submitted works to be presented.

What do you mean by an electronics recital?

We feature electronics recitals that feature music composed for fixed or interactive media with or without acoustic performance. These recitals are installed in public venues and locations throughout the United States.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The chapter president is David Peoples nacusanews at